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Linear Actuator and Guide Technology

When reliable and precise movements are required, Paletti USA offers a range of linear slide actuators that will fit your needs. Our actuators can also be adapted to fit your performance requirements with motor/reducer flange adapter kits. We have many preconfigured models available, but please feel free to ask as we can always customize a model to your specific needs.


Paletti linear actuators use the same 8mm T-Slot as our 40mm and larger framing profile and so it is easy for the actuator to then function in dual roles: as part of the frame system it provides structural support, and also then provides the needed linear motion. This combined functionality of our actuators can amount to significant savings for designers / users by eliminating costs for additional system components that would otherwise be needed to mount either our actuators or profile frames with components from other suppliers.

This video features a common actuator application with two carriages, functioning separately, and operating on a single rail. Each carriage is driven by a separate belt and a gear-motor from either the top or bottom. When we provide this type of configuration, the carriages are able to function together, opposite one another, or completely independent of one another - all managed by the controls programming.

Consider these product advantages:

  • Capacities ranging from 25 – 1000 lbs
  • Belt driven actuators – AT10 toothed belt
  • Screw driven actuators - ball and trapezoidal
  • Single piece extrusions for our carriages and slide rails

    Configuration options:

    • Single, parallel or multi-axis / gantry configurations
    • Dual carriages on a single rail configurations
    • Side Mount or Omega style configurations
    • Telescoping configurations
    • Special long-length belt driven actuators

Linear Actuator / Linear Guide system examples

Screw Driven Linear Slide Actuator

Screw Driven Linear Slide Actuator

Belt Driven Linear Slide Actuator

Belt Driven Linear Slide Actuator

Roller Track Guide System

Roller Track Guide System

Ball Bearing Linear Guide

Ball Bearing Linear Guide

C-Track Linear Guide

C-track Linear Guide

Sliding Linear Guide

Sliding Linear Guide

This complex gantry system is just part of a complete palletizing system used to stack large rectangular fabric pieces coming off the production line before they are carted off for further processing. This part of the system uses our linear actuators parallel to one another on either side of the central structure and driven side to side from one end, then a multi-axis configuration, also on either side of the central structure, raise and lower the central palletizing tool.

Since our actuators, aluminum framing, and conveyors all use the same 8mm T-Slot, it was very easy for us to complete the rest of the system structure, add the conveyor for the initial transport, and then add perimeter frame guarding around the entire system.

Complex Gantry System
Linear actuator guidesLinear actuator guides

Paletti’s ability to add cost-competitive-value while delivering our linear actuators and guides, either as stand-alone models or part of a system, is unmatched within the industry!

How to Get Started?

Contact us with one of our preconfigured models which best matches your design, or if you are not sure wich model might be best then give us your performance requirements:

  • Total load (static / dynamic)
  • Speed requirements
  • Travel distance
  • Duty cycle
  • Life expectancy
  • Load direction
  • Physical spacing restraints
  • Environmental / temperature concerns

The more details and information you can provide up front, the faster we will be able to complete your design! We will work with you, design the system, etc… to your needs, and then provide the finished design drawings (similar to the gantry system shown above) back to you along with a quotation. Our engineers can almost always help you simplify the final design which ends up saving the customer time and money!

Or, each actuator page on this website contains all the relevant information needed to evaluate a given size to determine its’ use. At the bottom of each profiles’ page are down-load catalog pdfs and also individual product links to our online resources with our CAD models and online calculation tools.

Please also see our Engineering Support pages where important information is kept for evaluations and also all of Paletti’s hardware and accessory options for mounting the actuator. Additionally, many pages throughout the website have pictures and other instructions showing how our products are commonly used.

Lastly, our service extends right to our customer’s doorstep! We excel in offering multiple delivery options which are designed and priced to add value and savings for our customers with fully assembled systems, sub-assembled systems, or pre-machined and easy-to assemble kits.

Or, in other words: Our aluminum profile systems and services deliver what Paletti promises.

Contact us today to learn more!