Aluminum T-Slot Profile Framing Technology

Our Aluminum profile and T-Slot framing extrusion systems are durable, flexible and always precisely tailored to our customer’s needs.

Paletti’s aluminum profile framing systems were developed as a modular profile system to meet common mechanical and automation engineering requirements. As a result Paletti is able to offer “best-in-class” aluminum framing solutions which are truly un-rivaled.

Laser Enclosure Rendering
Platform design

Consider these product advantages:

  • First class product quality
  • The industry's largest selection of framing profiles:
    • Both inch and metric profiles
    • Shape and size options not available from other suppliers
  • Superior customer service and engineering support
  • Competitive pricing

An example of a platform design which was included in the customer's machining work cell.

Aluminum extrusion profiles / T-Slot framing examples

Extrusion profile image

T-Slot Framing Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

T-Slot Surface Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

T-Slot Angle Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

T-Slot Corner Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

T-Slot Fencing Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

Handrail-Platform Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

Hydraulic Grade Extrusion

Extrusion profile image

Furniture-Workbench Extrusion

Our aluminum extrusion frame profiles are: compatible with each other, un-blemished, straight, and particularly torsion-resistant. They come in different series, dimensions and thicknesses (geometries), and with tolerances that are tightly held along their span. Our T-Slot Framing and custom T-Slot hardware designs ensure our components are easy to assemble and can also be easily combined with other Paletti assemblies, e.g. laser safety enclosures, linear systems, conveyor and workstation systems.

All installed framing elements are reusable, protected with an anodized layer against environmental influences such as moisture, air and light, and thus sustainable in their use.

Laser Enclosure Rendering

Please Note – all Paletti T-Slot profile frames are available in the natural anodized finish, many profiles are available in the black anodized finish or may be special ordered, other anodized finish colors or un-anodized profiles may also be special ordered.

Aluminum Framing Fully AssembledAluminum Framing Partially Assembled

How to Get Started?

Contact us with your design ideas; a rough sketch is enough for us to get started, but please, the more details and information you can provide up front, the faster we will be able to complete your design! We will work with you, design the system, frame, fencing, platform, etc… to your needs, and then provide the finished design drawings (as seen below) back to you along with a quotation. Our engineers can almost always help you simplify the final design which ends up saving the customer time and money!

Or, each framing profile page on this website contains all the relevant information needed to evaluate a given size to determine its’ use. At the bottom of each profiles’ page are down-load catalog pdfs and also individual product links to our online resources with our CAD models and online calculation tools.

Please also see our Engineering Support pages where important information is kept for evaluations and also all of Paletti’s hardware and accessory options. Additionally, many pages throughout the website have pictures and other instructions showing how our products are commonly used.

Lastly, our service extends right to our customer’s doorstep! We excel in offering multiple delivery options which are designed and priced to add value and savings for our customers with fully assembled systems, sub-assembled systems, or pre-machined and easy-to assemble kits.

Or, in other words: Our aluminum profile systems and services deliver what Paletti promises.

Contact us today to learn more!