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Aluminum T-Slot Profile Framing Technology

Aluminum T-Slot Framing Profiles 45mm - with a 10mm T-Slot

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These T-Slot dimensions are used with each of the profiles shown below

The Paletti 45mm aluminum frame profiles are designed with a 10mm T-Slot and are compatible with industry 45mm design standards, un-blemished, straight, and particularly torsion-resistant. As always, our engineering team will design a structure or system with the best combination of materials and price points. This profile offering is unique to the Paletti USA division.


SP9830N - 45 x 45 Semi


SP9840N - 45 x 90 Semi

DescriptionPart #Inertia Moment Ix (cm⁴)Inertia Moment Iy (cm⁴)Resistive Moment Wx (cm⁴)Resistive Moment Wy (cm⁴)X-sectional Area AWeight per Meter G
45 x 45 Semi-LiteSP9830N11.711.
45 x 90 Semi-LiteSP9840N8223.618.210.511.33

*Slide table to the left to see more data

Please Note – All Paletti T-Slot profile frames are available in the natural anodized finish, many profiles are available in the black anodized finish or may be special ordered, other anodized finish colors or un-anodized profiles may also be special ordered.

Please Note – online resources are not available for the 45mm products.

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