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Aluminum T-Slot Profile Framing Technology

Aluminum T-Slot Framing Profiles 1” - with a 5mm T-Slot

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These T-Slot dimensions are used with each of the profiles shown below

Paletti’s 1 inch Semi-Lite profile comes with the same 5mm T-Slot dimensions as our 20mm series profiles, and will accept most of the same T-Slot hardware as our 20mm series profiles. As always, our engineering team will design a structure or system with the best combination of materials and price points.


SP9890N - 1.0 x 1.0 Semi-Lite

DescriptionPart #Inertia Moment Ix (cm⁴)Inertia Moment Iy (cm⁴)Resistive Moment Wx (cm⁴)Resistive Moment Wy (cm⁴)X-sectional Area AWeight per Meter G
1.0"x1.0" Semi-LiteSP9890N1.71.71.341.342.840.77

*Slide table to the left to see more data

Please Note – All Paletti T-Slot profile frames are available in the natural anodized finish, many profiles are available in the black anodized finish or may be special ordered, other anodized finish colors or un-anodized profiles may also be special ordered.

Aluminum Framing Hero Image

Engineering resources - Aluminum T-Slot Profile Framing:


Common accessories - End Cap (black finish):


Common accessories – Fastening Hardware:

The Paletti hardware has been custom engineered specifically for our products, and is quick and simple to use. Our central fasteners are an excellent choice for most corner assembly needs. Our T-Nuts are commonly used in some corner assembly or other assembly needs. Particularly, the push-in T-Nuts are very useful and also offer the benefit of being installed and positioned after the rest of the assembly has been completed and with the option for mounting the assembly to other surfaces. With our larger frame sizes and heavier load applications, our Universal – T-Nut fastener combination is commonly used.

SV2193V – Push-In type T-Nut M5 with ball spring, and standard material:


SV2195V – Push-In type T-Nut M5 with ball spring, and zinc-plated material:


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