Toothed Timing Belt Conveyors

Even more so than our other product offerings, Paletti conveyors are heavily customized to a given application. A core component of our toothed timing belt conveyors is our T-Slot aluminum framing which allows for easy integration for the conveyor and mounting / system structure.

Aluminum Framing Hero Image

Paletti toothed-timing belt conveyors are made from standard Paletti profiles. Power is transmitted via a gearbox to a drive side pulley, and the conveyor belt is tensioned by setting the spacing of the idler end pulley. All toothed belt conveyors include a choice of drive units to meet your specific customer material handling needs. Custom belt materials and motor selections can be made accommodated.

Some additional product advantages with Paletti toothed timing belt conveyors:

  • Three standard size options:
    • 30 x 60 profile
    • 40 x 80 profile
    • 80 x 120 profile
  • Belt tensioning via two deflection units
  • AT10 tooth profile belts and multiple belt material options
  • Standard widths up to 300mm, wider widths available upon request
  • Options to enlarge the conveyor scale to meet the application weight requirements
  • Special long-length (20+ feet) models available
  • Options for motor / gear reducer mounts
  • T-Slot mounting functionality
  • Corrosion resistant component options

A close-up view of our AT10 tooth profile and mating pulley

Example of a motorized toothed timing belt conveyor with mounting structure for one of our customers

Toothed timing belt conveyor examples


These and many other highly configurable options are available. Note special long lengths are available with toothed timing belt conveyors

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