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Aluminum T-Slot Profile Perimeter Fencing and Guarding Technology

Paletti is unequalled when it comes to providing custom designed options for perimeter guarding and fencing applications. Did you know Paletti is one of the few, if not only, provider of our type to pass the OSHA Impact Test? Many manufacturers know that Paletti has passed that impact test and because of that we are the preferred supplier to most of the large automotive manufacturers, machine builders, and manufacturers or all types.


OSHA impact test – design parameters

Aluminum T-Slot Fencing and Guarding Extrusions


Protective Wall Profile


Guarding Profile


Clamp Profile


Each profile type provides the flexibility to be configured as an: end, in-line, or corner design. We can also accommodate other corner designs.

Please Note – All Paletti T-Slot profile frames are available in the natural anodized finish, many profiles are available in the black anodized finish or may be special ordered, other anodized finish colors or un-anodized profiles may also be special ordered.

Perimeter Guarding and Fencing – other design options

Wire mesh insert options – typically available in 4’ x 8’ sheets:

  • Welded wire mesh – metric 4 x 40 design
    • Natural or black finish
  • Braided wire mesh – 12 or 16 gauge, and ½”, 1”, 1 ½” grids
    • Natural finish
    • Black or yellow PVC coating

Guarding and Fencing – insert materials continued:

  • Lexan / Polycarbonate
    • Available in different thicknesses
    • Available as clear or a variety of colors
    • Most types come in 4’ x 8’ sheets
  • Aluminum laminate sheeting
    • Available in natural, white, or black finishes
    • Natural finish options also available as smooth, textured, or perforated
  • Wood laminate sheeting

How to Get Started?

Contact us with your design ideas; a rough sketch is enough for us to get started, but please, the more details and information you can provide up front, the faster we will be able to complete your design! We will work with you, design the guarding/fencing to your needs, and then provide the finished design drawings (as seen below) back to you along with a quotation. Our engineers can almost always help you simplify the final design which ends up saving the customer time and money!

Lastly, we excel in offering multiple delivery options which are designed and priced to add value and savings for our customers with fully assembled installed systems, sub-assembled systems, or pre-machined and easy-to assemble kits.

Contact us today to learn more!

Fencing Cage Main Body

As seen in the images to the left and below, Paletti fencing and guarding does not have to be full length and/or floor mounted. We can easily design our fencing and guarding to be installed on or around existing equipment. In the example to the left, the customer had dozens of older but perfectly well functioning “Open-Faced” machines which they wanted to continue to use, but which also needed safety protection for personal injury. We customized this fencing system to be mounted on and fitted around the machines’ operating components.


Machine Cover and Paneling


Assembly Fencing


Work Cell Fencing


Warehouse Office


Factory Seating Area

Aluminum Framing Hero Image

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Please Note – Paletti Guarding and Fencing profile extrusions accept the same hardware and end caps as their standard T-Slot Framing counterparts.

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