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Engineering Support

Paletti USA is an industrial automation company that began in the 1990’s with one basic goal: to provide highly flexible and economically viable solutions for machine and plant construction. A huge part of our meeting that goal is to provide “Best-in-class” service to our customers.

Our customer service and engineering team are always available via phone, email, or contact form. Our teams are very responsive, and excel in working closely with our customers. We truly enjoy working with our customers and helping them determine their needs. Most of our customers quickly learn that the real “value add” of working with our engineering team saves them time and money.

Machine BaseMachine Base

This machine base is an excellent example of Paletti and the customer engineering teams working together on design parameters, and stress and vibration analysis’ to ensure the best combination of framing materials are used while giving the customer optimal costs. Upon receipt of the base, the customer then adds their functional equipment and outer panels.

Drilling Machine

How to Get Started?

Our engineers will gladly accept customer drawing or application input, and in return Paletti will come back to you with a detailed quote and 3-D models. Some customers like the idea of creating their own designs, but more often than not, our engineers are able to simplify customer design concepts which results in real savings via:

  • Stress and vibration analysis to ensure the profile selection is the best match for the application
  • Hardware selections which save time and money during assembly
  • Options for Paletti to assemble, sub-assemble, or provide self-assembly kits – all of which can help reduce the customer’s bottom line costs

Some of our larger profile frames used as the base and structure for a custom drilling machine.

The Framing Specifications, Catalog Library, and Fasteners and Hardware pages contain a wealth of useful information as well as our individual product pages. Plus, there is a lot of information through-out the website. At the bottom of each product page are down-load catalog pdf’s and also an online resource link for each individual part number which contains our CAD models and also online calculation tools.

So, if you are having difficulty finding what you need, please contact us for help anytime.