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Laser Safety Enclosure Technology

Paletti is the industry leader in protective laser enclosures. If you are in need of a light-tight, burn through compliant enclosure for your laser welding application, Paletti can provide the right solution.

Paletti's self-supporting laser enclosures are suitable for applications with high-power lasers up to 8 kW and higher and have a worldwide patented system design. They fulfill the safety and quality requirements per ANSI and EN standards, and are tested and certified according to DIN EN 60825 "Laser equipment" and DIN EN ISO 11553-1:2005 "Laser processing machines".

Laser Enclosure Render

The modular structure of our aluminum profiles makes it possible to create protective enclosures of almost any shape and size. Thanks to our patented wall structure and flexible corner system, radii or corners can also be created outside 90°. Additionally, Paletti’s standard 40 series t-slotted profiles can be easily integrated into our safety enclosures thanks to the common 8mm t-slot in the profiles.

Independent testing has shown the burn through time for lasers with commonly used protection materials from other suppliers to be 7-8 times faster than Paletti wall material options. The stronger the laser, the more dangerous it can be while in use. As laser technology is being increasingly used in manufacturing, we urge you not to risk personal injury – choose Paletti laser safety enclosures for the best protection available.

Laser Safety Enclosures

Samples of our many construction options

We have so many options from which we can choose when designing a Laser Safety Enclosure for you. Below are examples of some of our standard design options and there are so many more!

Paletti double and four-walled laser panels

Wall ProfileWall Profile

Some of Paletti's electric conduit options

Wall ProfileWall Profile

Wall Profiles – benefits and design options:

  • Protection against laser radiation up to 6 / 8 kW cw-Nd-YAG
  • Ideal, interlocking labyrinth system
  • Self-supporting double and four-walled structures for higher power laser applications
  • Unlimited enclosure lengths, and heights up to 7.5m
  • 8 mm t-slot which is compatible to 40 mm profile series
  • Integrated electrical conduit
  • Light tight, and with laser-safe air intake vents
  • In addition, we supply all the accessory components needed for a safe and functional booth, cable and fiber optic entries, pipe bushings, fire suppression, etc.

Door and Window Options

In order for work inside of a laser enclosure to take place in a safe manner without delays, the components to be processed must be fed in and out of the booth’s interior without any problems. This is exactly what our process, lifting, and sliding doors ensure. Our door and window designs are modular, can be automated, and can be installed in virtually any size or location to fit your specific needs. Doors and windows can be supplied with heavy duty mounting and latch hardware and safety sensors. Common door and window options include:

Common door and window options include:

  • Vertical process doors and windows
  • Horizontal rolling process doors and windows
  • Rotary table doors and windows
  • Standard maintenance/pedestrians style doors

Some of Paletti's door and window options

Door and window optionDoor and window optionDoor and window optionDoor and window option

Whatever your laser safety needs, Paletti has the experience and design options readily available. Reach out to us anytime, and see the pictures below for more examples of our work.

Laser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser EnclosureLaser Enclosure

We invite you to review the attached pdf’s and online resource links below; the laser profile links contains product information for some of the components commonly used when designing enclosures, or please contact us for help anytime.

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