Application Overview

Paletti provides a wide range of workstations, assembly stations, benches, and even furniture for all of your work needs.  We work with you to customize the designs to fit your plant and office needs.  Contact us or our distributors to assist you with these applications.

Laboratory Work Cells & Work Stations

Crafted from Paletti extrusions, our workstations are durable and customizable. With plenty of options from custom work surface material, bins, lights, outlets, shelves, and specialty drawers, our t-slot accessories can always be mounted to the profile easily.

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Display Desks

Developed with curved and table profiles with inlaid polished work surfaces, this desk is ideal for functions like monitor support and event displays. Paletti desks an also be made from closed profiles, with additional chrome-plating options and glass work surfaces.

Work Bench

Work benches/stations can be provided out of either an open or closed profile.  Paletti will design it to meet your specifications and needs.  We can do all sorts of custom features from sliding hangers for counterbalance tools, LED lights, power strips, removable parts bins, and a variety of options for monitor mounts, and magnetic panels for prints.


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