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Paletti has profiles specifically for work platforms, from tread profile to handrails and all the special mounting hardware required to make it all work together.  Need stairs over a conveyor and don’t want to wait? We stock the profile and can ship, design and build.  Let us help you with your platform and stair needs today.


Paletti offers many different elevated work structures, we also offer protective railing for those structures and stairs that will supply access to the platforms.  With our products we can offer many additional accessories that can be included in any design.  If you are looking for a quick turn around and a robust product Paletti is here to help just contact us or one of our authorized distributors to get help.


Stairs are used in lots of applications throughout a plant and Paletti offers a reliable, versatile structure that provides safe sure footing with its tread pattern and a structure that can be reconfigured if the need ever arises.  Rolling steps, fixed steps and steps that lead to platforms are all capable of the Paletti stair and platform profiles.


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