Profile Systems

Product Overview

Paletti has a wide range and variety of extruded aluminum profiles used for many different purposes. Profiles include inch, metric, linear, precision, and custom laser enclosure profiles. Profiles can be used for everything from perimeter guarding, machine frames, jigs, fixtures, linear actuators, and light-tight enclosures for high power robotic laser welders.

Profile Ranges

Paletti offers more than 200 unique extruded aluminum profiles while stocking a wide variety in our facility in Montgomeryville, PA. Paletti offers cut to length, design services, kits, and a full build to print service. Paletti products have a direct cross over to most competitors’ products. Paletti also has unique profiles for our linear actuators and laser enclosures.

Fastener Systems

Paletti’s main fastening method utilizes our central fastener as the primary fastening method. We do offer many other fastening options to accommodate a wide range of competitive options in the market.


Paletti offers a wide range of accessories to complete and make functional designs. Feet, castors, handles, hinges, fixing angles, rollers, t-slot covers, and end caps just to name a few.

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