Perimeter & Safety Guarding

Product Overview

Paletti guarding systems provide several options and levels of safety. Perimeter guarding has multiple uses including keeping people out of machining spaces, and protecting smaller areas, combine these functions with our sliding or swinging doors to make a complete system. Panels can be custom made using either the standard t-slot or our wire mesh profile. Either system will accommodate wire mesh or solid panels. Using the wire mesh profile allows for the t-slot to remain open for mounting of wires or hoses, and leaving a clean picture frame look to the guard.

Profile Options

Paletti has several options for guarding and a variety of panel options based on the needs of the application. Fixed width and height panels are available for simple and easy installment.

T-Slot Profile

Wire Mesh Profile

Assembled Guard Panels

Paletti has pre-designed fixed dimension panels that can be purchased and constructed for perimeter guarding.

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