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Paletti provides durable products to a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Welding, Scientific, General Manufacturing, Mobile, and Hydraulics. Browse details for each industry below and discover the ideal solution for your business.

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Paletti products can be applied in the Automotive Industry throughout the entire manufacturing process. Some of these applications include linear actuators for assembly application, gantry systems, linear guides for ergonomic assisted systems, perimeter guarding for cells and production lines, laser welding enclosures for robotic cells working with high powered lasers, and workstation platforms. Paletti product expertly services the Automotive Industry with an abundance of effective applications.

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Products from Paletti can be used in many aspects of Aerospace including fixtures, work platforms, and guarding systems. More specifically, our products also provide precision profiles for assembly fixtures and linear actuators for work cells and subassemblies. Our products work to streamline the complex manufacturing processes of the Aerospace Industry and provide durable and reliable products that our customers can trust.

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Paletti profiles are utilized in pharma machinery all over the world. Our products mainly service automated machine structures by providing machine protection with perimeter guarding. Machinery guarding is essential to Medical Manufacturing to ensure the safety of workers, the product, and promote efficiency. Safeguard your entire process and limit access with Paletti. All products are easily configurable and can be modified for add-ons and machine expansions.

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We provide protective solutions and guarding systems designed for the safety precautions required of the Welding Industry. More specifically, Paletti products include 7th-axis rail systems for welding robots and perimeter guarding for welding cells. We are committed to effectively servicing the Welding Industry with durable solutions that will not only protect the workers and machinery but promote efficiency for years to come.

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Paletti products have expertly served the Scientific Industry for many years. Our precision fixturing for CMM machines and our robust catalog of workstations and laboratory furniture provide the Scientific Industry with durable hardware they can depend on.

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General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing is our most widely served industry. All Paletti products are leveraged by General Manufacturing including profiles systems, machine bases, fixtures, machine guarding, linear systems, conveyor systems, gantry systems, and laser welding enclosures. With a wide array of services, Paletti works with every customer to develop a solution that best fits their needs.

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Our products can be utilized in many aspects of the Packaging Industry including frames for equipment mounted on vehicles or carts, returnable storage containers, rack and storage for delivery vehicles, and emergency vehicles. All Paletti solutions for the Packaging Industry focus on providing quick, easy, and light storage solutions.

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We provide a wide array of solutions for the Hydraulics Industry. Paletti products include stands for hydraulic pumps, sounds enclosures for full hydraulic systems, and mobile carts for hydraulic filter systems. We can help improve the safety and efficiency of our full operation from products that service pumps to your entire hydraulics system.


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