Gantry Systems

Application Overview

Paletti provides full mechanical multi-axis Cartesian gantry systems, complete with a support structure of linear actuators built from Paletti’s linear profiles. We work with integrators, and distributors to make sure that the controls and safety of your system can be integrated into a seamless solution and support your plant’s needs. Our gantry systems are assembled on-site for larger systems which minimizes the need for riggers and heavy equipment. Paletti even offers installation services on some of our gantry systems.

Machine Frames

Manufactured with modular extruded aluminum framing, machine frames are used to house all components of a system. Paletti is capable of doing fully enclosure machine frames or machine bases, so whatever your need is we can help.

Modular Overhead Gantries

As a structural assembly that our cartesian style can be supported on, our overhead gantries can be fitted to a wide variety of different frames and are always supported by our durable aluminum extrusion model.


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