Application Overview

In need of a lightweight and flexible configuration? Paletti offers a line of precision aluminum that can be used for CMM set up and measurements. Try our unique profile design with its quick assembly and disassembly so you can configure a set up on-site without designing it ahead of time and sending it out for welding and machining.

Precision Systems

One of the unique services we provide is designing precision systems to mount check and verify parts. Paletti uses a rigid precision aluminum profile that has interchangeable mounting, clamps, and contact points to ensure a repeatable mounting and check process every time.  Contact us to help design your system today.

Wall Systems

Developed to support the facilitation of larger applications. The matrix, thickness, and ball points with stainless steel inserts are available to customer specifications. The plates are available with a 100 x 100 or 200 x 200 matrix.


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