At Paletti, we offer a variety of systems that are always engineered with the highest quality components. All are based off of our extruded aluminum line.  The following applications utilize our extruded aluminum products and can be assembled by our expert team at our factory.  Let us know your applications and see how we can help.

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Paletti offers a wide variety of workstations, which include everything from simple desks or tables to assembly and lab stations. Browse all of our worksation offerings to find the best fit configuration for your needs.

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Work Platform & Steps

At Paletti we provide many solutions and with our own extrusions for platforms and stairs, we can turn your needs around quickly.  Work platforms and stair systems are what we do.

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Guarding Systems

When safety is a concern be sure to come to the experts. Paletti has been providing safety guarding for 25+ years. We do everything from wire mesh and solid panels to machine and perimeter guarding. We even complete machine enclosures for basic systems all the way up to automated laser welding enclosures.

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Gantry Systems

Paletti utilizes our custom linear extrusions to design gantry systems used in all sorts of industries.  With a variety of linear options, Paletti has a solution that fits most applications.  These systems are robust and reduce installation time and cost.  Our gantry systems are modular which means we design them cut them to size and ship as a kit to be assembled on site for the larger systems.  This allows you to use minimal labor and equipment to set up your gantry systems.

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In need of a lightweight and flexible configuration? Paletti offers a line of precision aluminum that can be used for CMM set up and measurements. Try our unique profile design with its quick assembly and disassembly so you can configure a set up on-site without designing it ahead of time and sending it out for welding and machining.

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